Dr. Rolf Dittmann [Dr.-Ing.]
European and Swiss Patent Attorney

Hahnrainweg 4
Postfach 1658
CH-5401 Baden

t—: +41 56 223 58 58
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Your reliable partner – from your idea to your patent

You may, as an enterprise have invested into the development of a novel product. You may, have made an invention. Now you would like to make contact with investors  or want to introduce you product to launch your product. You are concerned that your idea or your product may be copied by third parties once they have gained knowledge.

If you are going to launch a novel product, how do you assess the risk of infringing a third party patent? Appropriate investigations and intellectual property related support of your project turn your risk to a manageable magnitude. Ideally, risk is already addressed during product development, and is thus minimized or even avoided.

My services support enterprises as well as private persons in protecting their inventions and to manage their risk exposure with respect to patents. With long years of experience as a patent attorney in industry, I am familiar with your point of view. Hence, my paramount goal is to provide you the safety with respect to intellectual property that will maintain your liberty as an entrepreneur.


… now with freigutpartners IP Law Firm

I have decided to consolidate my expertise about patents, trademarks and other intellectual property with those of other dedicated IP specialists in freigutpartners IP Law Firm. You will now be able to obtain all services listed herein at freigutpartners. To learn more about freigutpartners IP Law Firm click here.

At our offices at Baden and Zurich we provide you highest quality consulting and custom tailored services in all aspects of intellectual property, such as for instance patents, trademarks , designs, and licensing and cooperation agreements. We will also be pleased to use our specialist knowledge to provide you, also at your domicile, advice and support in intellectual property related matters.

freigutpartners IP Law firm will provide customers with a full set of services they may require about intellectual property. We can represent you in filing, prosecution, and defense procedures of European, international PCT and Swiss patents, as well as trademarks and designs in Switzerland. We can also provide you full support in infringement and nullity proceedings, as a plaintiff or as a defendant.